Split-case pumps are a type of centrifugal pumps that have a single or double suction impeller supported between bearings. The pump casing is split horizontally or vertically depending on the type of pump and the maintenance requirements.

Split-case pumps are usually used in higher flow rate applications than end-suction pumps. They are best suited to pumping water and other low-viscosity liquids and not ideally suited to pumping thicker oils or liquids containing solids. They are available in a range of variations and can be engineered for custom applications.

Featuring a tough, rugged design, with heavy duty casings designed to resist external forces and vibration, they are high-efficiency and cost-effective when it comes to repairs and maintenance. The split case design makes them particularly easy to service.

Available in single- or double-suction models and in horizontal and vertical configurations, they are world-class when it comes to efficiency and reliability.

Split-case pumps are suitable for a range of applications including HVAC systems, water supply, process cooling, agriculture, refrigeration, water treatment, filtration and cleaning, fire services and boiler systems.

Our expert team will help select the right pump for your application. We will ensure your pump is compatible with your materials and properly calibrated to fit your system requirements. We can even design and install a custom pump system suited to your unique specifications.

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