To keep your boiler running at an optimal level, you need a reliable and properly calibrated boiler feed water pump. Boilers need a steady source of ‘feed water’ in order to continue producing steam. And boiler feed pumps supply that water.

Most boiler feed water pumps are centrifugal pumps. However, depending on your boiler application, you will need to select the right centrifugal pump for the job.

Some factors that will affect the operation of your boiler feed pump include:

  • Temperature – Continuous thermal expansion and contraction places significant stress on the pump
  • Pressure – High pressure is required to keep water in a liquid state at high temperatures
  • Flow rate – This is generally determined by the maximum continuous rating (MCR) of the boiler
  • Water quality – Additives or impurities in the water can speed up corrosion or wear in the pump

Because of the challenges associated with these kinds of pumps, you need a pump suited to your specific system requirements such as the NPSHA available, water inlet temperature, pump discharge pressure and boiler MCR.

Our expert team will help select the right pump for your application. We can even design and install a custom pump system suited to your unique specifications.

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