Hot oil pumps are designed for the movement of heat-transfer oils and other liquids under high temperature conditions.

Pumping hot liquids can present a number of challenges to any pumping system. The system needs to be designed to tolerate extremely high temperatures without the heat being transferred down the driveshaft to the motor.

The superior engineering of our pumps mean that they are suited for use as hot oil circulation pumps and hot oil transfer pumps and can withstand oil temperatures as high as 350°C.

Featuring state-of-the-art sealing technologies, ultra-durable iron and stainless steel construction, our range of hot oil pumps are durable and long-lasting, high efficiency and inexpensive to maintain.

Our selection of high-temperature oil pumps are ideally suited to a range of industrial applications including petrochemical, refineries, mining, food processing, plastics and more. They can comfortably handle a range of liquids at differing temperatures and viscosities including thermal oils, vegetable oils, edible oils, alcohols, gas oils, fuels, asphalt, paints, glues, resins and more.

Our expert team will help select the right pump for your application. We will ensure your pump is compatible with your materials and properly calibrated to fit your system requirements. We can even design and install a custom pump system suited to your unique specifications.

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