Multi-purpose and suited to a variety of different applications, end suction pumps feature a simple, robust design and tried and tested technology. They are reliable and cost-effective pumping solutions.

We offer a wide range of end-suction pumps all manufactured in accordance with international standards.

These pumps are designed so that the incoming water enters the pump horizontally. The water then changes direction and is discharged vertically, perpendicular to the suction. These pumps are typically installed on a solid floor base. They are single suction and can be closed-coupled or flexible-coupled.

Designed for non-combustible, low viscosity liquids, our selection of end-suction pumps can be suitable for clean water and clear liquid applications as well as more aggressive liquids with suspended solids. By upgrading the seal, many of our end-suction pumps can be adapted for high-temperature applications.

End-suction centrifugal pumps are suited to a range of applications including commercial and residential building water supply, mining, agriculture, irrigation, liquid transfer, refrigeration and air conditioning, mechanical services, fire services and more.

Available with a range of drive and mounting options, these are low-maintenance, high-efficiency pumps suited to a range of non-specialist applications.

Our expert team will help select the right pump for your application. We will ensure your pump is compatible with your materials and properly calibrated to fit your system requirements. We can even design and install a custom pump system suited to your unique specifications.

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